About us

About our company VAHETA s.r.o.

The company was established and subsequently registered with the Czech Metrology Institute(ČMI České Budějovice) since 1991.(Registration Certificate: No.200-OR-0002-08))The core business is the production, sale, servicing and installation of scales, in which it is especially important to develop and manufacture scales, floor, pallet, entrance, hanging, cattle, crane, bridge, dosing, flow-through for different branches of industry.We can guarantee our customers quality, reliability and high level of service and consultancy services. Due to our long-term experience in the field, we will be able to consult your requirements for the weighing device and help with its selection and optimal technical and economic configuration.In cooperation with the Czech Metrology Institute, we also provide legalization of measuring instruments in the field of weighing to meet the requirements of various inspections, audits and inspections.


CMI registration - Regional Inspectorate of České Budějovice

Listing from the Commercial Register - Production, repairs and installation of gauges

We sell scales, evaluation units and sensors of the following brands:

  • VAHETA: Czech Republic, weights of our own production
  • DIGI business scales
  • TORREY Mexico, business scales
  • FLINTEC, strain gauge sensors
  • KERN, Germany Laboratory scales
  • SCHENCK, Germany, bridge, road scales
  • Leon Engineeering, evaluation units
  • JADEVER Taiwan, counting scales
  • ACCURA China, counting scales
  • SAWAR, pallet scalesOur team